88 Million

file000546942551Alone not, am I, in the madness.

I was one of the 88 million who watched the new Star Wars Force Awakens trailer in the first 24 hours of its release.

And yes, I may have watched it more than once.

Even taking into consideration that a proportion of my 88 million colleagues did likewise – it’s still a staggering number of people visually devouring all one minute 59 seconds of it.

It made my day. And my weekend. I had that same spring in my step, and wonderment of the world, that I felt 38 years ago as I blinked into daylight out of Staines ABC Cinema following my first adventure in the Star Wars universe.

It changed the child me in so many ways, this film. It inspired me to get into movie production and work at Shepperton Studios, then journalism, and finally semi-professional theatre. It simply made me feel good about myself, and gave me the confidence to reach for the stars. Still does.

For many years it was totally uncool to be a fan. Only in recent years have I begun to openly admit – without fear of ridicule – that I have my own Master Replica Stormtrooper armour cut to my size, complete with laser rifle and all the gubbins. Every girl should.

I am incandescent with excitement waiting to see the new film on December 18. Sure, I will be entrenched in a cinema seat somewhere at 12.01am on the 18th. But already, I’m hopelessly in geekdom trying to ignore all the spoilers on social media and securing my place at the 2016 (yes 18 months away) Celebration convention, in London, within Nano seconds of the tickets going online.

A little voice in my head says I need to grow up and get a grip. A second and somewhat louder voice (sounding suspiciously Yoda-esque) drowns it out.

The Force is still strong in this one.

And she has a really good feeling about this…

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