Whether the weather?


The reputation that we British ‘gas on’ about the weather a lot is completely true, and no more so during summer months.

The last few weeks has seen the humorous computer meme ‘British summer installation failure’ doing the rounds again on social media.

Promises of warm sunny weather have  been a bit of a non-starter. Very stop and start, leaving clothing decisions loitering in the confusing hinterland between jumpers and shorts.

Bless the poor weather forecasters. All they can do is highlight trends based on data at that singular moment in time. And they argue that predicting summer in the UK is trickier because weather systems and fronts are much smaller compared to winter.

Yeah, whatever. It makes no difference because it’s still been shite outside.

Sitting here in Blighty, thanks to global village technology, we only need look arm’s length to our smart phones to plainly see that everywhere on this lovely planet is warmer and sunnier than here.

We can also look to the growth of foreign holiday travel in the last 40 years, and our dangerous suntan addiction, so we now know what we’re missing sat patiently on a UK beach waiting for the clouds to bugger off.

It’s no wonder we talk about the weather. We all feel the sodding same on this kingdom of islands. We all want to feel the warmth of that big bright shiny thing on our faces, arms, and other bodily bits. It cheers us up big time.

We feel better, we look better (culturally learnt of course but who cares), we bounce about with a jaunty look in the eye and get things done. And the beauty of the British countryside glazed in sunshine has few equals anywhere in the world.

(But we do need to work on our fashion sense. The spectre of the rolled-up trouser leg and knotted handkerchief hat remains in our cultural fashion DNA. We haven’t yet mastered the graceful and stylish art of sun dressing like our European cousins.)

British summertime is an experience of chance; a dice throw for a sun lounger basking outside, or lounge sofa hiding inside from the rain. The state of skyward affairs for your BBQ or summer fair is anyone’s guess.

However as I type this, the Sun God Ra has decided to stick a solar flare up at me – so to speak. It is suddenly sunny outside and looks positively lovely.

See ya…my garden calls.

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