You won’t believe what I did yesterday

After being smuggled off Earth in a Rebel Alliance covert operation – narrowly outmanoeuvring Imperial firepower – we came out of hyperspace to land at Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine.IMG_3848

Successfully navigating with my fake ID through strict planet customs and Imperial Stormtroopers, I:

  • Hung out in the Cantina sampling Smuggler Spice Brews to recover my terra firma legs (space travel always does that to me) and check out the locals and music
  • Out and about exploring the spaceport, got a hug from Chewbacca. Such a friendly chap for a Wookie. Much softer than you’d think
  • Avoided an altercation with bounty hunter Boba Fett by way of a spot of bartering for some gold coins. He’s collecting face playing cards it seems
  • Helped Threepio find R2 who was causing a bit of a kerfuffle in the central marketplace
  • Couldn’t resist buying a necklace from one of the stalls (luckily they also took Earth credits as well as Imperial ones). Who knew outer rim planets had such stylish stuff?
  • Stole a circuit board from a Jawa, who’d just pinched it from another traveller like myself. You can’t trust those Jawas. Little blighters. And I can run faster
  • More bartering – this time said circuit board – with the cantina owner, for two tickets on the next transport off planet to Alderaan
  • Said transport then caught in the Death Star tractor beam before finding myself being frogmarched by stormtroopers to a detention cell
  • Conscripted into droid maintenance so was let out for training to go about my new duties
  • And then…

I could go on and on. Yes ok, I may already have.


But the Secret Cinema Star Wars experience run by RebelX is the most fun you can have as an adult. Your inner child happily runs riot. Your hidden nerd is unleashed, untamed.

My 1,000 fellow off-world explorers spanned all age groups – wide eyed young and old – and, bar only one or two, were all feeling the Force and had donned the requisite character attire.

Our playground was 18 acres of Star Wars habitat and sets, meticulous in every detail, with several hundred actors in authentic costumes.

Several hours later I’d almost forgotten the reason for being there – watching en masse The Empire Strikes Back. The last time I saw it with people cheering and whooping through it, was the very first time many years ago. Magical and great fun. Proper cinema stuff.

This is not a marketing piece but the ticket price (not cheap) was worth every single penny. And I don’t say that lightly.

If you fancy an adventure, it’s still on until September 27…

Just saying.

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