Not bad for my age

file000246923954Apparently. So I’m told.

This applies so far – and notwithstanding – to my appearance, my bendy limbs , and ability (albeit loosely implied) to still be able to bust a few dance moves.

Do I feel grateful for such a kindly meant accolade?

Do I fuck! (Apologies for the language)

When a woman hits her ‘middles ages’ there appears to be an invisible line when the ‘not bad for her age’ is rolled out and applied as a type of gracious compliment.

The implication – and I do ‘get it’ I do – is that you’re not an old biddy (yet) babe, and the womanly Goddess you once were still shines through despite your decreasing youth and transforming beauty.

With those five words they are simply trying to tell you that you are…still you.

Yep. I know that. I live with me after all. I spend every moment with myself (good and bad) and can see I am still me.

But I have actually changed. And this change is very good. I’m a more than version of me that was before.

What grates is the reference to ‘age’. Age is the result of time, not the other way round. Surely it is time therefore that defines me; defines us all?

Age and women; it’s a culturally implied relationship. ‘Not bad for his age’ is occasionally heard (think Johnny Depp and George Clooney) but it’s far more likely to be attributed to a woman.

If you don’t believe just type the words into Google and see for yourself.

So please don’t tell me I’m not bad for my age. If you do, I will be very bad for my age – indeed very bad for any age – and punch you squarely on the nose…

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