For the loathe of Lola (FLASH FICTION)

FullSizeRenderKidnapping her had been far easier than she’d imagined.

But standing over Lola now; doused and dripping with petrol jammed tight into the oil drum, she falters. The lighter unlit.

The fallout, the arguments, the penance, the crime; think again. Take a moment and think again. This is crazy.

Hatred pulled back, taut like skin, revealing spasms of jealousy she’d never expected. Sanity and reason recoiled in terror at the spectacle she is creating.

But Lola had snatched him without mercy, and scurried away with his heart and soul. It was Lola he reached for now; Lola he turned to every night.

The irony isn’t lost on her how she’d introduced them in the first place. Yes she’d encouraged them, not thinking for a moment he’d abandon her.

Bitch. But she has the power now. Lola deserves this.

One small spark ignites revenge. It is after all just a sodding guitar.

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