Before The Force Awakens

BB8Unless you’ve been stuck on an Outer Rim world with your head up a Bantha’s backside, you might have heard a new Star Wars film is about to regain supremacy on our cinema screens.

You may have also noticed a bit of hype flapping about.

But it wasn’t always this way. Once Star Wars and its fans were ridiculed.

Some denied their ‘faith’ while others (like me) took the anorak slurs squarely on our nerdy chins.

Those were the Dark Times. Those were the 80s and early 90s.

Hyperspace jump to today and it’s a whole different universe.

This is the time ‘before’ The Force Awakens; the last remaining sleeps before the shift from BTFA to ATFA. (Please – I mean no religious disrespect in my BC and AC comparisons.)

Do a Google search of ‘The Force Awakens statistics’ and the word ‘millions’ is everywhere. Millions of dosh in whatever currency you choose in pre-sale ticket bookings which by their sheer volume are already blasting cinematic history.

Millions of viewers eyeballing telly screens catching the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them TV spots, and millions – now billions is also popping up – of online hits and digital chit chat dissecting every ‘spoiler’ and micro-second of official trailers.

Even legendary film director/ producer Stephen Spielberg admits he’s lucky enough to have already seen it three times, and he says he believes it will probably become the biggest film of all time.

Those like me with 38 years of fandom were inspired during the Polaroid days of Cuban heels and tape decks. We then passed the Force to our children and in some cases grandchildren. No wonder Disney jumped at the chance to scoop up the Star Wars franchise. It exactly fits its proven business model.

I won’t even talk about the merchandising onslaught already in Imperial attack formation. We’ve travelled countless parsecs from simple lunchboxes, rulers and posters to today’s Star Wars designer fashion, lavish cosmetics and funky furniture.

There’s also a rush among former die-hards and ‘virgins’ to catch up on episodes 1 to 6 – sparking fervent discussions online whether it’s best to watch them numerically or the order of their release.

It’s a bit like Christmas all this – although poor old 2015 is hidden behind the roar of the Falcon’s engines as she swoops past – a fantastic opening fanfare from December 1st to a disappointing Jar Jar Binks on the 26th.

No, not for one moment do I think this film will be bad; I do NOT have a really bad feeling about this.

I just want to watch the bloody thing.

But a little of me will miss this tantalising ‘can almost touch’ magic hinterland, lost forever when the credits roll.

One thought on “Before The Force Awakens

  1. It’s so hard for these youngin’s to understand just how huge – and I mean HUGE – the first Star Wars movie was in the 70s, before the Internet, when we still got most of our news from newspapers and the evening news. HUGE. I heard quotes from it all. the. time. And you’re right: once “Return of the Jedi” was released, no one but die hard fans talked about it anymore, and those that did got an extra-wide berth from most people. I met so many friends because of Star Wars – those few fellow weirdos that still loved it, that still got weaked-knee when they heard the opening music – like you. The Force is still with you, my friend.

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