Computer says f*@k off

IMG_5394We only have ourselves to blame, and the natural urge is to throw the bloody thing out the window.

When technology decides it isn’t going to come out and play, we huff and puff and wonder how the hell we’re going to cope. Technology tantrums.

This week I’ve had infrastructure issues at work, the software in my new mobile phone booster refuses to work, and the screen on my daughter’s laptop is throwing its toys out of its pram.

ICT hiccups completely shatter business piggy banks when their systems crash. Company reputation, income and employee productivity all get a battering. Yep.

A quick search on Google and the annual global sum pops up at £4.3 trillion, but even that is disputed.

In our personal lives it’s no different. Look around your home and all your stuff. How many contain computer software? (It might be faster to count those that don’t.)

Computers turn our heating on, flick our lights off, and give us things to watch, play, read and do. They cook us delicious meals. (And why are our mobile phones still called phones? Considering all the shit they can do, that’s a bit of an insult.)

We ‘conveniently’ forget those times when the information you need to do whatever important it is you’re doing is in that file on your hard drive that’s screwed. Or that password you’ve forgotten to restart some gizmo you now rely on.

Agreed, we’ve created worthy technology to do things we cannot; such as put us in space or help us survive injuries that five years ago would have killed us. Give a big round of applause to our creativity; it’s fantastic.

But we’ve tied ourselves too tightly into technology and forget they will go AWOL at some point. It’s inevitable. We built them.

Actually I don’t give two hoots. I really don’t. I quite like it when technology goes tits up. For me it’s a reminder we CAN do without it. We just need to remember how, and make sure our back-up plans are techno-free.

The older you are the easier it is. I’m still giggling at being asked by a teenager the age I got my first mobile…

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