Getting your ‘blog on’

blogI’m one in 152 million, and I’ve been doing what they do for a year now.

That’s the number of blogs across the globe and I’ve just passed my first anniversary.

Long gone are the days when bloggers were a select group of teenage chaps who understood the dark arts of IT, sat in darkened rooms. Today a blogger’s average age is between 18 and 44 and more women than ever are tapping away.

Beware – bloggers are taking over the world. And no subject is taboo.

The media trawls blogs as sources for their stories, and organisations scramble to respond to them in the name of public engagement. Bloggers are increasingly social media savvy and now know how to manipulate its many tools.

And don’t forget the impact of ‘digital cigarettes’ aka smartphones and tablets which 40 per cent of bloggers now regularly employ to create their posts. It’s anytime anywhere baby, writing and reading them.

Notice I refer to ‘them’, not me. I’m not in any sense a serious professional blogger (although I might quite like one day to give it a whirl). But as they spend on average up to 40 hours a week caressing their keyboard I’d have to quit the day job. Like that’s going to happen?

I’m among the 64 per cent of bloggers who do it just for fun: a place to have a wee rant or a musing or two.

So if you’ve read my blog these past 12 months then I thank you very much for taking the time to join me. I do appreciate it.

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