Land of the pasty white

hot-sunHere in the land of the pasty white, we unleash our glare to mirror the sun.

Here in the land of pasty white we pay no heed to body image or fashion, and happily display our limbs and wobbly bits.

The moment the spring or summer sun escapes the shackles of cloud – or even looks like it might – out come the flip-flops, shorts, skimpy tops, T-shirts and wafting dresses.

We are always ready. We always know where our sun clothes are.

And we don’t bloody care what we look like.

The average total annual sunshine in the United Kingdom is 56 days, compared to 300 in the South of France and about 200 in California.

So if you blink in the UK you can miss that big bright thing in the sky.

Problem is, we stupidly forget to apply any or enough of that SPF stuff because we want to BBQ our bits as quickly as possible.

We tell ourselves, “Its only British sun. Not strong like when we go abroad.”

Today, basking in a rare 26 degrees we feel invincible.

But how many of us will be glowing for all the wrong reasons tomorrow?

Will we learn? Probably not.

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